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The Angstones

(Contemporary; Singer-Songwriter)

The Angstones, an Ottawa band made up of musicians who also play in Fat Man Waving and Six Mile Bridge, mix European and American folk music with zany lyrics and a jumping beat on Kommen Een Der Karz (1992), their first CD. The band then mixes the rhythms of Eastern Europe and the Middle East on When Ahab Met Moishe (1994). The cover of the album is a takeoff of a 1950's movie poster and the liner notes describe the album as "the story of two men caught in the whirlwinds of a part of the world where no one can be trusted, let alone someone from another race. Moishe, a Jewish hockey writer for the Papaslavian Free Press, and Ahab, a waiter in an Arabic restaurant, find themselves entangled in the web of an international smuggling ring." The zaniness is sometimes fun, sometimes forced. After one listen, it'll probably remain on your shelf, unplayed.

The zaniness hits its apogee on The Hills are Alive (1995), a spoof of Rogers and Hammerstein's Sound of Music. The spoofing is understated--the excellent musicianship might lead a casual listener to believe that this is a serious album. There is no question that the band is enjoying the music even while making fun of it, however lightly.

Angstone are Peter Kiesewalter on reeds and accordion, Kurt Walther on guitar, Rob Frayne on sax, John Geggie on bass, and Ian Mackie on drums.

Kommen Een Der Karz
1992 Canal (CANAL-256CD)
Kommen Een Der Karz; Papaslavian Variations; Old Dan Tucker; Hiroshima Sunset; Peasant Dance; Wedding in Babishjac; Maison Lafayette House; Digital Bulgarian Folkdance; Papa and I; On the Trail to Kozatzke; Swords of Bronze 45:35

When Ahab Met Moishe
1994 Canal (CANAL 265CD)
The Wild Boar; Breakfast in Istanbul; Ay, Ay, Ay; Ega; Wasabi Breath; Kopanitsa; The Line; Black Sea Café; Jaromir Jagr; When Ahab Met Moishe; Angst for Nothing 48:33

The Hills are Alive
1995 Canal (CANAL 268 CD)
Prelude; Climb Every Mountain; Do-Re-Mi; The Lonely Goatherd; Something Good; My Favorite Things; The Sound of Music; I Have Confidence; Maria; Edelweiss; Sixteen Going on Seventeen; So Long, Farewell 40:08

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