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No Special Rider: Country Blues (1997) was the brainchild of Andreas Schuld who brought Bill Bourne and Hans Stamer together for the first time. They headed off to the studio and in a few hours had 24 songs recorded, almost all of them first takes. A tribute to the blues that influenced all three artists, the recording has a special direct, honest feel that got it nominated for a Juno Award in the blues category in 1998. Acoustic blues fans will find this an immensely satisfying recording, well worth collecting. The album was produced by Andreas Schuld.

No Special Rider: Country Blues
1997 Blue Streak (BSCD 97001)
There's a Man Going Round Taking Names; St. James Infirmary; Fishin' Blues; Keep Your Lamp Trimmed and Burning; Ol' Hannah; Blue Yodel #10; Bollweevil; Alberta Let Your Hair Hang Low; In the Evening, When the Sun Goes Down; Uncle John's Gospel; Casey Jones; Long Gone Blues; Sweet Home Chicago; Special Rider Blues; The Midnight Special 57:46

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