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Fat Man Waving

(Contemporary; Singer-Songwriter)

The Ottawa band Fat Man Waving is made up of musicians who are also part of Six Mile Bridge and Three Sheets to the Wind. As Fat Man Waving they explore more experimental material than they do in their other, more traditionally-oriented, groups. Parade features up-tempo songs such as "Duped Again," "Blind No More," and "If I Lived" written by band members plus a Lynn Miles song, "One by One." The musicianship and Rebecca Campbell's lead vocals are solid, but this electric-oriented album may be too far from the centre of folk music traditions for some fans. The Habit of Gravity continues the experimental flavour with some excellent vocals and upbeat and unusual new material like "Parallel Lines," "Stop the Car," and "Angel's Shoes." The combined band members on the two albums are Rebecca Campbell, Fred Guigon, Peter Kiesewalter, Ross Murray, James Stephens, and Ian Mackie.

1992 Canal Records (258CD)
(Ain't No More) Train to Ride; Duped Again; Blind No More; If I Lived (To Be One Hundred and Ten); In the Shadow; Flight of Fancy; One by One; Reputation; Hide Your Eyes; Sons and Lovers 40:43

The Habit of Gravity
1995 Aquarius (CD Q200576)
Falling Down (Marathon of Love); Parallel Lines; Only We Can; Stop the Car; Angel's Shoes; Eye for an Eye; Critter Time; Running Down the Days; It's Not the Heat; Toll the Bell; Feeling Better; Dreaming Heart; I Want to Talk with You 63:52

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