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Rick Fielding

(Traditional; Contemporary; Singer-Songwriter)

Toronto singer-songwriter Rick Fielding fell under the spell of folk music early in life in his original home of Montreal when he first encountered Folkways recordings. Teaching himself guitar licks from blues and folk recordings, Fielding went on to become a first-rate guitarist and performer with several albums to his credit. In recent years he has retired from extensive touring, devoting his time to teaching guitar, playing for entertainment, creating leather crafts, and hosting the weekly folk-music show Acoustic Workshop on CIUT-FM, University of Toronto. His latest release, and first CD, Lifeline (1995), is a dandy folk album that highlights Fielding's fine singing voice and excellent guitar, banjo, and mandolin playing. The album includes covers of tunes like Glen Reid's "Lifeline to the River," Wade Hemsworth's "Wild Goose" and Grit Laskin's "Margins of My Neighborhood" plus a number of Fielding originals, including "So Long, Charlie," "If Jesus Was a Picker," and "Obray's Fancy."

Fielding received the 1996 Stan Rogers Golden Quill Porcupine Award for Songwriting for Lifeline. In 1998 Fielding signed with the Canadian folk label Borealis and is working on a new album. His newest recorded song "Those Gin Mill Syncopators" is featured on a Borealis sampler CD and will be on his next album.

Lifeline *
1995 Folk-Legacy (CD-123)
So Long, Charlie/Jim's Polka; Pitman Blues; If Jesus Was a Picker; Alouette/La Bastringue; Bachelor's Hall; Obray's Fancy; Lifeline; Company Town; Docherty's Jig/Stairsteps; Wild Goose; Margins of My Neighborhood; Hutchison's Ramble; Birth of Robin Hood; Angus Fraser; Handful of Songs; Rag, Eh?; Old -Time Riverman; Voices of Struggle; Same Old Song 65:30

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