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The Immigrants

(Contemporary; Celtic Rock; Singer-Songwriter)

Based in Hamilton, Ontario, The Immigrants are an energetic Celtic-style band that combines guitars, bass, fiddle, drums, tin whistle, harmonica and vocals into an upbeat sound that is pleasant, lively and catchy. Performing original material, The Immigrants show themselves to be decent songwriters as well as talented musicians. The Immigrants are Rob Vanhartingsveldt, Fred Geus, Peter Zantingh and Paul Hogeterp.

Their first album, In Between Before and After (1995), features a tight acoustic/electric sound on songs such as "Waiting for the World to End," "Indecision in Decision," and a dark song about drink and desperation, "Whiskey Sour." The Immigrants do a fine job of keeping the acoustic instruments from getting lost--something not all Celtic Rock bands manage. An engaging debut album.

In Between Before and After
1995 Gib'ner Boot'ner (GBM 895)
Waiting for the World to End; Inside Out; Indecision in Decision; Give Her My Best; Whiskey Sour; Day after Day; In Fifty Three; Just Plain Spailen; Harbour Grace; Water Me; Home at Last 43:46

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