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(Contemporary; Singer-Songwriter)

A band from the Yukon, Inconnu sings an eclectic mix of original material. The songs on their debut album, Inconnu, range from soft, introspective numbers like "Icebound" and "Seventh Day" to up-tempo pieces like "Henry's Claim" and "When My Breath Comes Back." The French "Jigi Dou" is an accordion-driven folkish piece that would not sound out of place on a Maritimes album. Because the album is so diverse, you're not left with any "signature" sound. A pleasant, if somewhat undefined, album. Inconnu is Lucie Desaulniers, lead vocal; Jay Burr, tuba; Nick de Graff, guitar, vocals; Andrea McColeman, piano, organ, accordion, vocals; Len Osland, drums, vocals.

1994 Inconnu (IP1-1994)
Icebound; Henry's Claim; Jigi Dou; Oh No; When My Breath Came Back; Seventh Day; Water; My Old Ford; Kenny; Cold Feet; Tagish; Balance 47:23

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