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May Ip

(Contemporary; Singer-Songwriter)

May Ip moved to Canada from Hong Kong where she was living on Lama Island. While in Hong Kong she was moved by the music of Patsy Cline and American folk music. For a short time she was in a Cajun band called Asian Cajun, and she has played at folk festivals in the UK. Some of this material is on her first, out-of-print CD, My Mama's Words (1992), released prior to her move to Canada.

Her second CD, Very Personal (1994), is mainly sold at concerts and performances. It is a remarkably fresh work, honest and simple, with songs mostly in English plus one, "Ngy Pang Yao," in Cantonese. Ip's beautiful, lilting voice makes her a crowd favorite at festivals and concerts. A serious musical craftsman, Ip takes great care with her spare guitar arrangements. Abandoning conventional packaging, Ip's CD comes in a hand-folded cover, hand printed on cardboard and recycled unbleached paper that includes her own art work. This very interesting and enjoyable album is bound to become a very rare CD. Currently based in Sauble Beach, Ontario, Ip performs as part of the folk duo Just Us with musical partner Gary Murphy.

My Mama's Words
1993 May Ip (no catalogue number)
My Mama's Words; When I'm Alone; Happy Loner; Has It Gotta Be This Way; Counting Stars; The Water is Wide; My Babies; What's the Use of It; Perspective; My Heart is Sinking; True Love

Very Personal
1994 May Ip (no catalogue number)
Lyin' Naked (Beside You); Silent Game; Home Home; A Love Song; Love Is Always a State of Confusion; Free Spirits Lonesome Souls; No Heartbreakin' Situation; Give Us a Smile; Can We Believe; Ngy Pang Yao; Wayfarin' Stranger 47:05

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