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The Irish Descendants

(Traditional; Contemporary; Celtic)

The Newfoundland-based Irish Descendants combine full harmonies with excellent musicianship, mixing together a repertoire of traditional Irish tunes and contemporary lyrics. Their first album, Misty Morning Shore, was once issued on compact disc, but due to a dispute over distribution rights, it is no longer available. Their second album, Look to the Sea, is a noteworthy album that provides enjoyment play after play. Highlights include an upbeat arrangement of "Rocky Road to Dublin," "Last of The Great Whales," and "Oh No Not I." The band excels at instrumental sets, such as "Dancin' Dick/Lough Geil/Fisherman's Widow." On their third album, Gypsies & Lovers, the Descendants re-recorded some of the material from Misty Morning Shore along with new material. Descendants fans can once again listen to "Rattlin' Bog," the band's tour de force. The album also includes a successful version of Stan Rogers' "Barrett's Privateers," a somewhat less successful version of Donovan's "Catch the Wind," and a dubious, if heartfelt, version of "Let Me Fish Off Cape St. Mary's." The Irish Descendants are d'Arcy Broderick, Con O'Brien, Ronnie Power, Larry Martin, Gerard Broderick, and Kathy Phippard. The Irish Descendants received an "Entertainer of the Year" East Coast Music Award in 1995.

Look to the Sea *
1993 Warner (CD 94017)
Rollin' of the Sea; Useta Love Her; Rocky Road to Dublin; Days of Yore; Dancin' Dick/Lough Geil/Fisherman's Widow; Peter Street; Go to Sea No More; Last of the Great Whales; Thousand Tall Ships/The Scholar/Miss McCloud's Reel; Oh No, Not I; Lark in the Morning; Fisherman's Song 44:03

Gypsies & Lovers
1994 WEA (CD 98237)
Raggle Taggle Gypsy; Catch the Wind; Barrett's Privateers; Merry Blacksmith/Swallow's Tale/Banshee; Let Me Fish Off Cape St. Mary's; Rattlin' Bog; Will They Lie There Evermore; My Lagan Love/Drowsy Maggie/Dionne Reel; A Walk in the Irish Rain; Lovers 43:31

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