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The Irish Rovers

(Traditional; Contemporary; Christmas; Singer-Songwriter)

The Irish Rovers, who first formed in 1964 in Calgary, are Jimmy Ferguson, Will Millar, George Millar, Wilcil McDowell, and Joe Millar. Canada's most enduring pub band, the Rovers were catapulted to fame with their hit single, Shel Silverstein's "The Unicorn," in 1968. They also had solid commercial success with "The Biplane Evermore," "Lily the Pink," and "Wasn't That a Party." From 1971-74 they hosted a weekly variety show on CBC TV. Fans from the 60's and 70's will find plenty of CD's to choose from--the Rovers were nothing if not prolific--but their commercially cute sound has not aged particularly well. The Rovers lack the substance and resonance of contemporary Canadian Celtic groups.

Greatest Hits
1974 MCA (MCAD 4066)
The Unicorn; The Biplane Evermore; Rhymes and Reasons; Years May Come, Years May Go; The Orange and the Green; Black Velvet Band; Goodbye Mrs. Durkin; Donald Where's Your Trousers; Farewell to Nova Scotia; Lily the Pink; Mrs. Crandall's Boarding House; The Minstrel of Cranberry Lane; The Puppet Song (Whiskey on a Sunday); The Wind That Shakes the Corn; Bonnie Kellswater; My Old Man's a Dustman; Nancy Whiskey; Goodnight Irene; Liverpool Lou; Winken, Blinken, and Nod 61:44

No More Bread and Butter / the Rovers
1980-81, reissued 1992 Attic (ACD 24109)
What's a Nice Guy like Me (Doin' in a Place like This); No More Bread and Butter; Roly Poly Ladies; Class of '69; Chattanoogie Shoe Shine Boy; Pain in My Past; The Other Side of the Sun; Me and Millie; Willie McBride; One Sunday Morning; Mexican Girl; Yo Yo Man; Tara; Matchstick Men; Pheasant Plucker's Son; Wasn't That a Party; Fireflyte; Movie Cowboys/Happy Trails to You; Victory Chimes; Here's to the Horses 68:21

It Was a Night like This
1982 Attic (ACD 1149)
Grandma Got Run Over by a Reindeer; The Christmas Wish; The Christmas Traveller; Christmas Eve; Merry Bloody Xmas; Honky Tonk Christmas; Scarlet Ribbons; It's Christmas; Rock Along Christmas; The Peace Carol; It Was a Night like This 39:16

Years May Come, Years May Go
1985, reissued 1993 MCA (MCBBD 20307)
The Unicorn; Lily the Pink; Whiskey on a Sunday; Years May Come, Years May Go; Fifi O'Toole; Goodnight Irene; Sam Hall; The Life of the Rover; Bonnie Kellswater; Liverpool Lou 30:15

Party with the Rovers
1985 Attic (ACDM 1205)
Everybody's Making It but Me; Lonesome Traveller/This Train; Mama Was a Moonshine Man; Down in the Devil's Den; Swallow's Tail; Rollin' River; The Boys Are Going Drinking Tonight; Bottle of Wine; Dig a Little Deeper in the Well; Frail Tho' My Spirit May Be; Does Your Chewing Gum Lose Its Flavour; Wasn't That a Party 32:13

1989 Attic (ACD 1253)
All Sing Together; Paddy on the Turnpike; Belfast; Buy Us a Drink; First Day on the Somme; Mama's Got a Squeezebox; Don't Fly Away; Down by the Sally Gardens; Finnegan's Wake; The Other Side of the Evening 38:19

Silver Anniversary
1989 Attic (ACD 1303)
What Wid Ye Do; Mick Maguire; McDonalds' Raiders; Pigeon on the Gate/The Teetotaller; Castle of Dromore; Rare Old Mountain Dew; Maggie Mae; Mama Was a Moonshine Man; New York Gals; The Unicorn; Come and Dance to Paddy's Reels; Song of the Antrim Coast; the Frost Is All Over/The Rakes of Kildare/I Will If I Can; The Flower of Sweet Strabane; The Shores of Americay; Maid of Fife-O; Summertime Is Coming; Sweet Jazz Babies; Come by the Hills; Wasn't That a Party 49:5948:49

The Boys Come Rollin' Home
1992 Attic (ACD 1381)
When the Boys Come Rollin' Home; The Spanish Lady; Lorena; Killiburn Brae; Music in the Glen; The Sand and the Foam; The Bonnie Lady; Las Vegas in the Hills of Donegal; The Shadow of O'Casey; The Irish Rover; Travellin' Man; Isle of Innisfree; Bold O'Donahue; Bonnie Kellswater; Farmer's Song

Celebrate! the First Thirty Years
1994 Rover Records (ROV 30-2)
Ryan's Reel; The Irish Rover; What Wid Ye Do; When the Boys Come Rollin' Home; The Summer Time Is Coming; The Galway Races; The Black Velvet Band; The Isle of Innisfree; Valapariso; Marie's Wedding; The Moonshiner; The Spanish Lady; New York Gals; Molly Malone; Star of the County Down; The Unicorn; The Drunken Sailor; Wasn't That a Party 51:18

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