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Jackson Delta

(Blues; Singer-Songwriter)

Perennial festival favourites, Jackson Delta is an acoustic blues trio from Peterborough, Ontario, consisting of Alan Black, Rick Fines and Gary Peeples. Acoustic Blues, recorded with no overdubbing, introduces the musical tightness they developed through years of playing together. In addition to traditional numbers like "C.C. Rider" and "John Hardy" the band plays original compositions such as "Back up from Zero," "Path to the Liquor Store," and "Bad News Blues." A sparse, excellent recording. Lookin' Back picks up the pace with the addition of guest musicians on some of the tracks, including vocals by Colleen Peterson on "Little Sister's Gonna Be Alright" and piano by Gene Taylor on "The Feel of Uncertainty." A live album recorded at Toronto's Ultrasound, Jackson Delta Live with Gene Taylor continues the collaboration of Jackson Delta with Gene Taylor on piano. The performances are gutsy and the audience rapport is excellent.

Acoustic Blues
[no date] Jackson Delta (0012384)
Statesborough Blues; I Need You by My Side; Back up from Zero; Path to the Liquor Store; Sugar Bee; Baby Please Don't Go; I Ain't Got No Baby Now; Bad News Blues; Sink or Swim; Talk to Your Mama; C.C. Rider; John Hardy 43:38

Lookin' Back *
[no date] Jackson Delta (0012385)
Lookin' Back; Fool in Love; Goin' Back to Memphis; My Mistake; Honey, What's Wrong with You; My Ears Keep Hearing Voices; Little Sister's Gonna Be Alright; The Feel of Uncertainty; Silly Rules; Unpaid Bills Blues; I Sleep with a Ghost; Crazy (About You); Worried Life 47:51

Jackson Delta Live with Gene Taylor
[no date] Jackson Delta (0012386)
Bad News Blues; Liquor Store Blues; Howlin' for My Darlin'; T.V. Mama; Ain't No Tellin'; All by Myself; Statesborough Blues; Fanny Mae; Same Old Blues; Ain't Got No Baby Now; Mojo Boogie; Saved 48:50

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