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Francis J. Leahy


For an upbeat, contemporary, non-Celtic fiddle album, it would be hard to beat Ontario fiddler Francis J. Leahy's Bending the Bow. Accompanied by a set of musicians playing guitars, banjo, bass, bagpipes, drums, harmonica, and piano, this is a swinging album that features a mix of Leahy compositions like "Teeswater," "Wally's Jig," and "Graduation Waltz" mixed with traditional pieces like "The Blue Bells of Scotland," "Maple Sugar," and "The Orange Blossom Special." Fiddle lovers take note!

Bending the Bow
[no date] Hapi (HCD 01)
Teeswater; Dewdrops on the Roses; The Blue Bells of Scotland; Maple Sugar; MacPherson's Lament; Wally's Jig; Graduation Waltz; Karley's Edge; The Kindly Old Gentleman; The Orange Blossom Special 34:35

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