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Currently comprised of five brothers and four sisters, Leahy is a family band from Lakeside, Ontario, where the family has lived for five generations. Children of fiddler Francis J. Leahy, Leahy combines a love of traditional fiddle tunes and step dancing with music from other cultures. The result is a riveting, high-energy sound that has caught the fancy of traditionalists and youngsters alike. In concert, the band takes turns at step dancing while playing.

Their debut album, Leahy, features medleys of Maritime favourites alongside American pieces, a medley tribute to Don Messer, and a traditional Hungarian dance. Lead by brother Donnell's flashy fiddle, the band vibrates with electricity and fine playing. This recording is a recommended purchase.

The band consists of Donnell, fiddle; Erin, piano, keyboards; Siobheann, bass; Maria, guitar, mandolin; Frank, drums; Agnes, step dancing; Doug, fiddle; and Angus, fiddle.

Leahy *
1996 Virgin (72438-42955-23)
Jenny's Chickens/The Glasgow Reel; Shetland Reels/Captain Campbell/Calam Breugach/The Old King George Strathspey/Kings Reel/Shetland Island Welcome/High Road to Linton/Devil's Dream; McBrides; George I. Taylor/Marquis of Huntley; O'Dowd's Favourite/Star of Munster; The Call to Dance; Alabama Jubilee/Bowing the Strings; Don Messer's Breakdown/Mother's Reel/Johnny Wagner; Czardas; King of Fairies; Traditional Strathspey; Colm Quigley; The Coulin 44:25

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