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Oscar Lopez

(Contemporary; Guitar; Singer-Songwriter)

Guitarist Oscar Lopez, originally from Chile, has become a prominent artist on the Canadian folk circuit. In addition to his solo albums, he has played backup guitar for many performers, including James Keelaghan. Sueños (1991), features Lopez on original vocal and guitar compositions. Highlights of this upbeat album include "Vientos de Alberta," the title song, "Sueños," "Mudos," and "Soledad." The guitar work on this soft, laid-back album is customary Lopez: excellent. On Dancing on the Moon Contigo (1994), Lopez revs it up a notch, instilling the album with additional energy, tension and excitement. From the opener, "Roots," to the closer, "Dancing on the Moon," Lopez is captivating.

Lopez career took a major step forward when he signed as a headliner for the prestigious American label Narada. His first Narada album, Heat (1997), easily lives up to its name. A sizzling recording of original material that features Lopez's guitar virtuosity and his creativity as a composer, this album is a recommended purchase. The only thing missing on the album is Lopez's infectious, zany humour. For that, you must see him in concert. His follow-up recording for Narada is Seduction (1998). As fellow musician Martin Simpson says, "Oscar Lopez is the only guitarist I know who can actually make an acoustic nylon-string guitar scream." Seduction continues to show Lopez's virtuosity, driving rhythms, and fine original compositions. Another keeper.

Sueños (Dreams)
1991 Fantasy of Latin Strings (FLS1)
Cuculina; Vientos de Alberta; Sueños; Santiago Charleston; Mundos; Soledad; Perfume Lluviero; Primera Vez; Hacia Ti; Quedate; La Española; Canta Y Baila 45:56

Dancing on the Moon Contigo
1994 Fantasy of Latin Strings (FLS2)
Roots; No Barricade; Bolero Amor; Crying for Carmen; Mi Tierra; Simple Moments; Nobody's Perfect; Guitarras from Heaven; Mr. Melody; Lucia; Bailando Rumba; Dancing on the Moon 40:43

Heat *
1997 Narada (ND-63040)
Forgive Me (Perdóname); Thinking of You (Pensando en Ti); Sentimiento; Fire and Fury (Fuego y Furia); Fiesta Latina; Distancia; Those Times (Aquellos Tiempos); Step by Step (Paso a Paso); The Way I Am (Así Soy); The Flight of the Flamingo (El Vuelo del Flamingo); Milonguita; Morenita; My Heart in Rio (Corazón en Rio); Tornado de Amor; Desperate Love (Amor Desesperado) 59:40

1998 Narada (72438-46140-2-7)
The Flavor; Baila, Baila; Rosa Rose; Cerca de Ti; Corrientes; Gentle Seduction; Black Guitar; Mediterraneo; Aires de Otros Mundos; Loving You; Mulata; Vientos del Sur; Loco por Ti 61:29

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