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Cape Breton master fiddler Buddy MacMaster, of Judique, Nova Scotia, has been ranked alongside fiddle legend Neil Gow as one of the greatest Scottish fiddlers ever to have lived. Not only an inspiration to younger generations of Cape Breton fiddlers, MacMaster has also been instrumental in reintroducing the Cape Breton Scottish fiddle tradition back to Scotland, where he has been an honoured guest instructor.

The intricate, flowing, and flawless passages he makes across the spectrum of traditional fiddle music on Judique on the Floor shows a master at work. A gorgeous album. MacMaster received a Winston `Scotty' Fitzgerald Award for East Coast Fiddling Porcupine in 1994.

Judique on the Floor *
1989 Sea-Cape (ACD-9020)
Golden Rod Jig/The New Stove Jig/Irene's Jig; Da Slockit Light/Glen Caladh Castle/The Lasses of Stewarton; Memories of Paddy LeBlanc/Lord Alexander Gordon/The Marquis of Huntly/Haud Er Guan; Kenloch Jig/The Strathlorne Jig/Spin N' Glow; King George the Fourth/Old King George/ Old King's Reel/ King's Reel/ Old Traditional Reel; Oban and Lorne Society/The Devil in the Kitchen/Miss Drummond of Perth/ Traditional Reel/Traditional Reel; Don't Be Teasing Jig/Richard Brennan's Jig/Bonny Lea Rig; P.M. Jim Christie of Wick/Miss Catrina Gillies/Coire an Lochan/ Andy Renwick's Ferret; Jackson's Trip to Augrim/Tripping up Stairs/Tar Road to Sligo/Swinging on Home; R.P. Cummings March/Christie Campbell/Traditional Strathspey/Traditional Reel/Traditional Reel/The MacKentosh of MacKentosh 40:35

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