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Brian Morton

(Contemporary; Canadian History; Singer-Songwriter)

Hamilton, Ontario singer-songwriter Brian Morton has been deeply inspired by Stan Rogers, as evidenced from the title of his first album, A Lonely Cairn of Stones, a phrase from "Northwest Passage." Morton writes songs about incidents from Canadian history such as the sinking of the Canadian Pacific liner "The Empress Of Ireland," and "She's Gone Boys, She's Gone," about the fishing moratorium and its effects on Newfoundland. Morton also includes songs by other songwriters, including Scott Smith's "Green Town," Bill Gallaher's "The Last Battle," and Grit Laskin's "Where Does Love Come From." With great guest musicians, such as fiddlers Steve Fuller and Oliver Schroer, this is a solid debut album.

A Lonely Cairn of Stones
1994 Theatre Erebus (BGM CD 1001)
The Empress of Ireland; Green Town; Three Fishers; She's Gone Boys; The Nancy's Pride; U-Boat 534; The Maple Leaf Forever; The Last Battle; Friends Ain't Supposed to Die; Where Does Love Come From?; Young Jimmy in Flanders; Blind Dancers; Lady Franklin's Lament/A Lonely Cairn of Stones/Northwest Passage 73:45

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