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Moxy Früvous

(Contemporary; Humour; Singer-Songwriter)

As Monty Python says, "And now for something completely different." Toronto-based Moxy Früvous sound like the Beach Boys doing Tom Lehrer. The sweet boyish harmonies (part of the comic effect) are laced with barbs, satire, political commentary, nonsense, and just plain fun. They began as an a cappella busker act working the Toronto subway system. The group, consisting of Mike Ford, Murray Foster, Jean Ghomeshi, and David Matheson write fresh, vibrantly fun material that is a counterpoint to the serious-mindedness that occasionally affects folksinger/songwriters. Bargainville presents the zany and highly original work that has made Moxy Früvous a catchy act on the folk circuit. Perhaps the funniest track is "King of Spain," a calypso-style ditty with quips like "Once I was the King of Spain / An' now I vacuum the turf at Skydome." Recommended for anyone who needs to shed some seriousness.

1993 Warner (WEA CD 93134)
River Valley; Stuck in the 90's; B.J. Don't Cry; Video Bargainville; Fell in Love; The Lazy Boy; My Baby Loves a Bunch of Authors; The Drinking Song; Morphée; King of Spain; Darlington Darling; Bittersweet; Laika; Spiderman; Gulf War Song 52:07

1995 Warner (CD 10616)
Down from Above; Horseshoes; Fly; The Present Tense Tureen; Poor Mary Lane; On Her Doorstep; Misplaced; It's Too Cold; Bed and Breakfast; Nuits de Rêve; Sad Today 51:17

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