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Pipestone Creek Singers

(First Nations; Pow Wow)

The drum group Pipestone Creek Singers, from the Onion Lake Reserve in Saskatchewan, was formed in 1987 by the original members Vern Chocan, Grant Whitstone and Duane Chocan. Having travelled extensively throughout North America and winning major drumming contests, the Pipestone Creek Singers have released Message for Our People (1995), recorded live at the 1995 Piapot Pow Wow and the 1995 Frog Lake Pow Wow. The instructions for the dancers, recorded on the album, make you wish you had video to accompany the CD.

Message for Our People
1995 Saskatchewan Indian Cultural Centre (PS081995)
White Buffalo Calf Song; Tiny Tots; Straight Song; Intertribal; Rejoice in Mother Earth; Intertribal; Eagle Song; Everyone Come Dance; Jerome Stanley Song; Claudia Adams Song; Honor Song 57:51

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