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Lucie Blue Tremblay

(Contemporary; Singer-Songwriter)

"Lucie Blue Tremblay embodies many of the noble elements of folk music's hopes and aims: authentic multiculturalism (she mixes songs in English with songs from her French-Canadian heritage); solid singing (her voice is like a mountain lake--clear, deep, pure); passion (her romantic focus on real-life processes powers her writing); and the unusual (her stunning whistle is one example)"--Laura Post, Sing Out! Quebec singer-songwriter Lucie Blue Tremblay performs her unusual mix of French and English songs on Tendresse. An easy-listening, poetic, album, its highlights include "Absence," "Tour Song," "Montréal," "Daddy's Song," and "Goodbye Song." Transformations is a similar album with Tremblay originals and two covers: Suzanne McGettigan's "A Place in the Woods" and Shari Ulrich/Jean Roussel's "With or Without You." Tremblay's contributions include "Chez Nous," "The Little One," "There Was a Time," and "Getting Old."

Lucie Blue Tremblay
1986 Olivia (ORCD947)
Magic of Love; Juste une Aventure (Just an Affair); For Those Eyes; Voix d'Enfant (A Child's Voice); So Lucky; Nos Belles Années; Mademoiselle; Limited Vision; St Jean Port Joli; Laissez-Moi Sortir (Let Me Out) 42:40

1989 Olivia (ORCD955)
Absence; Tour Song; Montréal; Daddy's Song; The Water Is Wide; Two Lives; Politique; Peaking; Jour après Jour; Seventh House; Goodbye Song 44:37

1992 Olivia (ORCD967)
Chez Nous; The Little One; The Guilty One; There Was a Time; A Place in the Woods; Transformations; Homeless; With or Without You; Sailing Away; All Out of Love Tonite; Getting Old; All It Takes 50:59

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